Energy Efficiency

The move over recent years towards energy efficiency, resulting in the ECA Scheme, the Climate Change Levy and the Kyoto Agreement, has made energy efficient Air Conditioning equipment even more important.

This is particularly so in the case of Server / Comms rooms, as this Air Con is one of the most important pieces of equipment that uses energy 24/7, 365 days a year to reject heat from your precious expensive computers.

Now, as businesses experience increased costs for their gas and electricity, with prices set to rise by 10% again this year, the need to maintain this equipment correctly is ever more important. In some cases even replacement is advisable.

Minimising energy usage is a must, but fortunately there are many ways that you can make savings on fuel bills simply by making sure that you and your staff put in place the energy saving tips listed.

Tips include making sure doors and windows are shut when the Air Conditioning is in operation, as this can affect its energy usage, and ensure that the running temperature is correctly set, preventing over running of the equipment. By setting the Air Conditioning to the correct temperature your energy usage should drop significantly.

This does not only apply to Server / Comms rooms, but occupied office areas also. Too often we see the misuse of Air Conditioning systems costing companies fortunes in fuel bills. By correctly setting up the controls and ensuring there is an effective maintenance plan in place, you can be sure to reduce your every day running costs.

Regular servicing is vital for maintaining a healthy, working system that supplies cooling and in many cases will be your main heating source. This can also have a dramatic effect on energy consumption:

  • A partially blocked condenser increases energy usage by 23%
  • Blocked filters reduce airflow and increase energy consumption
  • A 15% Refrigerant leak sees a 100% increase in energy consumption
  • Incorrect temperature settings cause a 6% increase in energy usage

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